CNA Staffing Agency Near Me In Philadelphia: A Guide

CNA Staffing Agency

CNA Staffing Agency Near Me In Philadelphia: A Guide

Are you a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) or an organization looking for nurse aides in Philadelphia? We help you find CNA staffing agencies that help recruit and fill CNAs in the Philadelphia, PA region in our guide below. 

Where are CNAs most needed?

There is currently a major shortage of direct care workforce employees, and this is especially true for CNAs. Part of the reason for this is because CNAs must be certified to be able to work as a certified nurse aide (hence the name certified). Therefore, CNAs are needed across a variety of workplace settings. 

The number one place hiring CNAs includes long term care facilities, also known as nursing homes. You’ll also find a huge need for CNAs in home health agencies as well as hospitals. 

What does a CNA staffing agency do?

Also known as CNA employment agencies or CNA recruitment firms, staffing agencies employ recruiters who work on behalf of employers looking to fill positions or workers hoping to find positions. The CNA staffing agency’s job in Philadelphia is to find qualified candidates on behalf of a company or, in the case of representing workers seeking jobs, appropriate positions for the candidate.

Many staffing agencies specialize in a particular industry, experience level, or type of work. CNA staffing agencies are no exception as they fill a very particular need in the healthcare industry. The work may be temporary, part-time, short-term, or full time.

Why do companies use staffing agencies?



Philadelphia area healthcare employers use CNA staffing agencies mainly for the following reasons:

  • Reducing overhead costs for healthcare workers
  • Minimizing overtime pay, as the shortage of CNAs often leads to a heavy use of overtime hours to meet resident or patient needs in a facility.
  • Help save on training, save time, and lower hiring risks
  • A need for short term staff
  • Being able to have another company handle the onboarding and payroll
  • Hiring CNA staff quickly and efficiently
  • Utilizing a staffing agency’s industry knowledge and expertise
  • Being able to try out an employee before extending an offer of employment .


Essentially, staffing agencies like CareBridge 360 offer a variety of benefits that can make the process of hiring and staffing smooth for area healthcare workers in need of CNAs.

What CNA staffing agencies are located in Philadelphia, PA?


There are several CNA staffing agencies located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


CareBridge 360 is an esteemed CNA staffing agency located in the heart of Philadelphia, PA. As a top agency for CNAs, CareBridge 360 offers many CNA opportunities and works with different area facilities to help them meet their staffing and recruiting needs. 


What is the benefit of using CareBridge 360?



CareBridge 360 is the best CNA staffing agency in Philadelphia. That is because the agency has a steady stream of CNAs that they hire right out of their own training program, CareBridge Academy. Not only do they have access to many graduating CNAs, but they also have a robust and comprehensive training program provided by CareBridge Academy


What that means is that CNAs at CareBridge Academy are trained right with the highest standards as set by the Department of Education.


What types of CNA staffing services are available through CareBridge 360?


The types of staffing services usually available through CNA staffing agencies and also available with CareBridge Academy include:


  • Contract CNA staffing services: Contract staffing, also known as temporary staffing, is when an employer engages a staffing agency such as CareBridge 360 to provide a candidate for completing a short term assignment generally between one month and a year at an agreed-upon hourly billing rate. This is a popular service requested from CareBridge 360.
  • Contract-to-hire staffing services: In a contract-to-hire agreement an employer and staffing firm agree to terms on a predetermined length of employment before a full-time offer can be made to the candidate by the employer. Once the contract period has been completed the employer has several options. They can bring the candidate on to their payroll as a full-time employee, continue the contract if both parties agree or end the contract.
  • Direct hire CNA staffing services: Direct hire staffing is the process of an employer engaging a staffing agency to fill a long term need. The candidate is recruited by the staffing agency and then is placed directly with the employer. The candidate receives all benefits associated with being a full-time employee of the employer.


How do I request more information from CareBridge 360?


You can request a quote for talent or send us a message at this link. With its own dedicated CNA training school, CareBridge Academy, as well as access to a deep well of talented and ready to work CNAs, CareBridge 360 can help you meet your CNA staffing needs, whatever they are.