We’ll help your team find the next champion of the healthcare industry

Why do our clients continue to partner with us? Because we don’t hire just anybody. We hire champions


Here at CareBridge 360, we don’t have employees. Our team is made up of CareBridge Champions. We hire talented candidates, with stellar skill sets who are eager to develop a long term, productive working relationship with your company.

Our founder Brett started this company with intentions of doing business differently. From the very beginning we were putting in the legwork other agencies weren’t.

Our candidates have the ability to be top performers based not only on skills and talent alone but also based on the exciting benefits we provide. We give our candidates 24/7/365 support, great pay, comprehensive benefits, and more — because the less they have to worry about, the more likely they are to excel for your company.


Certified Nurse Aide Training In-House

Many of our nursing assistants come from the top CNA school in Philly. Why? We trained them! Being a champion for our many nursing assistants starts at Philadlephia’s largest nursing assistant school, CareBridge Academy.

Positions We Staff

Nursing Assistant


Are you a healthcare organization in need of a CNA? We can meet your operational and financial goals and customize our service to accommodate any project. Nursing Assistants and CNAs have the flexibility to choose which facilities work best for them, meaning you work with a nursing assistnat who truly wants to make an impact within your four walls.

Per Diem


We do the heavy lifting to prepare per diem candidates for your facility. CareBridge 360 is a leading provider of Long Term Care Facilities and Nursing Homes, Acute Care Facilities, Multi-Specialty Settings, Government Contracts, and Hospitals, amongst others, across Pennsylvania.

Direct Hire


Those hard-to-fill permanent positions you’ve been occupied with? We got that. We specialize in the Direct Hire Placements of nursing assistants as well as other careers across the nursing spectrum as well as high level core staff healthcare positions.